2 years ago

29 April, 2016

Starting off at the usual common room of building 5, then relocating to Reload at 8pm

Organised by:
UC Recreation and Entertainment Club UCREC

So, with all the planning of yesterday's 2-UP event, we kinda forgot about Friday, but it's an important Friday!

As per usual, there will be fun and games...
HOWEVER, at the same time at Reload UC and ANU will be battling it off at Reload for the ANU vs UC Intervarsity League of Legends Tournament supported by Red Bull!

Some of the UCREC team will be there supporting them, but we will all be relocating for the Red Bull's Intervarsity LOL Afterparty which is also at Reload Bar & Games.

As such, tonight we'll be cutting it short at about 8pm, and relocating to civic to join in the festivities! Most of us will travel by bus, but if you have a car and are willing to help with rides, that would be fantastic!

We hope to see you there!