2 years ago

3 February, 2016

The Knoll

Organised by:
Student Events and Campus Community Society SECCS

Hello all of you SECCS'sy people!

We'll be at the lawns for some pre Lighty Tonighty banter and meet and greets!
We will be handing out flyers which will include information about your soon to be watering hole the Lighthouse Pub, and they'll also have a FREE DRINK TICKET valid at the lighty for Wednesday the 3rd!

Lots of info on how you can pick up a SECCS membership and many of the benefits that these will bring you throughout the year will also be included!

Then be sure to take a short stroll down to the Lighty for what is sure to be a night full of new found freinds and SECCS buddies.


Make sure you check out the SECCS facebook page for more information on upcoming events.

See you all there, the Panther Pal will be on the prowl... REOWWWWWW!

As always, SECCS and the Lighthouse Pub promote responsible drinking, this event is strictly 18+ with ID being checked at the door. Look after your mates and stay safe!