1 year ago

13 October, 2016

Enactus Canberra

Organised by:
Enactus Canberra

The Enactus iLab is a new inititative created by Enactus Canberra. The iLab aims to produce creative, innovative and sustainable solutions and act on opportunities. iLab empowers the iLab crew, members and participants on a journey from problem identification, to creating project proposals and pitching utilising creative thinking.

The iLab will prepare a program of supporting activities like workshops including guest speakers who are leaders in the field of creative thinking, ideation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The iLab crew are looking for creative individuals to help fulfil the objectives of iLab. If you possess the following skills and characteristics, please contact jmdperalta@gmail.com

Characteristics of the Creative Person:
-Seeks problems
-Enjoys challenge
-sees problems as opportunities
-Doesn’t give up easily

Creative skills:
-Imagination (eg visual)
-Aesthetics (Using sense of beauty to judge something)
-Designing (creating plans for new project)
-Open Minded

iLab objectives:

-Mentor individuals to help them become more creative
-Inspire iLab team to create
-Empowering the ilLab crew to be responsible, accountable and transparent (eg workshop series)
-Promote, advertise and disseminate workshop activities
-Recruitment of the iLab crew
-Celebrate the efforts and contributions of the iLab crew and participants (you get credit for your activities)
-Lead and manage ILab crew