1 year ago

28 November, 2016

The Well

Organised by:
United Nations Students Society (UC-UNSS)

Hey Team!

It's another Monday night, so you know what that means! This time, to help further our meaningful discussions (and drinking ability) we have invited Tamara Richardson, Founder and Director of PACE 48 and Associate of the UNESCO Chair in Intereligious and Intercultural Relations, Asia Pacific, to come and discuss her new organisation with us.

PACE 48 is a pan Australian NGO, focused on promoting access to cultural education in the Asia Pacific. They currently have a number of ongoing projects and are always looking for new people to get involved. For more information on these opportunites, you'll have to turn up for a chat! :)

Here's to the end of exams, and a productive summer break!

*This event will be open to all UC students, and students from other universities interested in getting involved with PACE 48...