1 year ago

22 March, 2017

Building 6 University of Canberra

Organised by:
Refugee Action Club

Join us at UC tomorrow in Building 6, Level B, Room 48 to brainstorm refugee advocacy events for 2017!

The situation for refugees in both offshore detention and those completing applications onshore is worsening. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of asylum seekers, so come along next Wednesday (22nd March) at 1pm and see how you can get involved.

We will use this time to work out what activities we can do on and off campus to best advocate for humane policies and fair treatment for refugees.

In the second half of the meeting, we will hold UC RAC's 2017 AGM. It's important to come along, especially if you're a paid member, because we need a quorum (a minimum number of paid members to be present) in order to make any decisions.

Meeting Agenda:

1. President’s Report

2. Brainstorm of Event Ideas for 2017

3. Palm Sunday Rally- Contingent Building Activities

4. Treasurer/Acting Treasurer to deliver Statement of Accounts

5. Election of Executive and General Committee Members, including short speeches for any contested positions. Nominations made in advance, but also open to any attendees.

6. Recording of information regarding bank signatories (President, Vice President, Treasurer)

7. Discussion of Membership Fee Structure
a) $5 per year, with memberships running for 2 semesters (S1/S2 2017 and S2 2017/S1 2018)
b) Annual Membership- $5, Semester 2 only Membership- $2
c) Other suggestions