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I have just joined in as a tutor here to help other students as well as polish my skills with concepts that one can only get when people ask rather than from the lectures or through the degrees

I am currently studying in the final year of Masters in IT from UniMelb and focusing myself towards reseaching in HCI and Image recognition. I am also pursuing my final project with Microsoft Social NUI at Unimelb. Previously, I have done Bachelors in Computer Science with my final project related to Windows Mobile client-server architeture development.

Related to my professional capabilities, I have nearly 4 years of professional experience as a Big Data Analyst using Microsoft technologies and I am a certified C# developer. I am proficient in Java development and C++ as well. Moreover, I have 1 year of professional web development experience. I also did a work placement as a .NET Data Warehousing Automation Developer at Qenos during my last summer semester as part of my degree course

I can help individual students or groups and can discuss the rates accordingly. However, weekends are preferred. Also, students are welcome to join me at my university or any other place that is feasible.

I am listing all the courses that I have studied as per the requirements. However, please leave a message and i'll get back to you if I am able to assist in the relevant course as I believe I can basically cover most of the IT / Maths related subjects


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Haaris is a very responsible tutor and
really good at database systems, he taught me not only related knowledge and also some industry experience. Haaris helped me many times when I struggled in designing database models and theory questions. Recommend him!

Jennifer, StudentVIP member
since October, 2015


Haaris is a dedicated IT professional and student. I have known Haaris for a year both as a fellow student and an encourager and helper in challenging aspects of the MIT course at UniMelb.

Haaris's key strengths lie in his analytical approach and overall rationale that he applies to solve a given conundrum. Adding to these are his self discipline and persistence in achieving a goal. Furthermore, it is the consistency in his performance that makes him a noteworthy student and also a reliable guide. His innate eagerness to obtain in depth knowledge of any area of study he is involved in assures that he is familiar with the foundational principles of the relevant area of study and hence he will ensure that as a student of his you do the same.

He is quite organised when it comes to managing content of studies and projects via applicable tools. He is a technology enthusiast and keeps up to date with the developments in the IT fields of interest to him and relevant to his studies. He is an active participant of professional events, as well as being a Mentor for the MIT program at University of Melbourne.

By learning from him you are sure to delve deeper into the material presented by the formal course, to ensure you get a more thorough understanding and perform well in your assignments as a result of this.

Kriti, StudentVIP member
since October, 2017

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