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My rate is $40/hr for a single hour. I'll discount my rate to $35/hr for two hours or more in a single session. Same rate applies if you'd like me to review your essays.

I have access to a library adjacent to the southern edge of campus at Graduate House, where we can usually have some privacy.

I prefer to teach one person so I can customise the lesson as needed. My teaching style is to adapt to what your needs are and present accordingly.

I am the "Quiz Master" with my friends, and in the past I have come up with questions that the lecturer wrote almost word-for-word on their exam.


About me: I am a Graduate Diploma of Psychology student. I have the intention of going for a double PhD and Masters, so I can teach, research, and/or do private practice.

I'm particularly good at maths and statistics. I've approximately 5 semesters of statistics, over the years.

I'm also very familiar with the APA format and have excellent writing skills. I took a course for an entire semester that was specifically on how to write an APA research report.

I also have a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from a top school in the United States. I normally don't talk about these things, but since it's relevant, I graduated in the top 10% of my class at a top 10 business school while working full time and going to school full time. I helped run a $2.4 billion product business as a Product Manager for a Fortune 100 company before leaving to pursue my passion - helping people.

My mission is to create inner peace by alleviating unnecessary emotional pain. I believe I'm doing part of my mission by offering tutoring services.


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