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Hi, I'm Alison. I've recently completed my Masters in Economics at UNSW. I also teach statistics, economics and finance at UTS and UNSW. In the past, I have also taught at USyd and WSU.

I can tutor the following subjects:

200787 Managerial Finance (PG)
200910 Financing Enterprises
200916 Economic and Financial Modelling
200922 Consumers, Firms and Markets
200032 Statistics for Business
200424 Statistics for Accountants (PG)
200052 Introduction to Economic Methods
200488 Corporate Financial Management
200048 Financial Institutions and Markets
200061 Financial Institutions Management
200818 Bank Management
200053 Economic Modelling/Introductory Econometrics
200525 Principles of Economics
200530 Microeconomic Theory and Applications

23845 Managerial Economics (PG)
23706 Economics for Management (PG)
23567 Intermediate Microeconomics
23000 Principles of Microeconomics
23566 Economics for Business 2
25556 The Financial System
23592 Game Theory

ECON1001 Introductory Microeconomics

ECON1203 Business and Economic Statistics
ECON1101 Microeconomics 1
ECON2112 Game Theory and Business Strategy
COMM5005 Quantitative Methods for Business (PG)
ECON6301 Strategic Market Behaviour and Government Regulation (PG)
ECON5111 Economics of Strategy (PG)

STAT102 Business Data Analysis

If you are calling from a private number, please leave your contact details so I can get back to you!

$100* an hour for regular tutoring
$120 an hour for irregular tutoring (e.g. Only for exams/assignment help)
*Any course marked PG is $100/hour.

Please note that if you see me at whatever rate is described in this ad, you would secure that rate for the duration of the semester, so long as lessons are regular.

Rates are subject to increase particularly after the census date so it is in your best interest to arrange a lesson before rates rise.

$60 an hour per person (2 students)
$50 an hour per person (3-4 students)
$40 an hour per person (min 5 students)

Please note that with groups, if anyone cancels, the rate is subject to change. e.g. If 3 students are expected to arrive, the agreed rate is $50/hour per person. However, if 1 student cancels, the rate will change to $60/hour per person.

$80/hour to be paid 3 business days in advance
(Note: My Skype name is alison.l.lim)

I am open to assisting you with understanding concepts in your assignment and studying for exams/quizzes, however I will not actually do your assignment/online quizzes and I definitely won't sit your exam, so please do not ask. Doing so will run the risk of me reporting you, as I do work for the university.

UTS, USyd, UNSW, Riverwood library and my place in Roselands.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to travel to WSU. You may find it better to travel to my place in Roselands if you live in western Sydney.

"Hey Alison! Killed it. Thank God you tutored me or I would've failed. I'm going to recommend you to everyone that does stats." - Morris (Statistics for Business)

"Thanks for all your help last semester. Ended up going from a pass to a distinction!" - Thejani (Economics for Business Decision Making)

"I just wanted to let you know that I received a HD (87) for Economic Modelling! I didn't expect that at all so I'm super happy! :D" - Tejni (Economic Modelling)

"Before I met you, I thought I was going to fail CFM. But I ended up with 96 and obviously got a HD! Thank you so very much! I think you should consider an academic career as a lecturer! You are a legend!
- Marney (Corporate Financial Management)

"I got a distinction for economics! I got 75! Thank you so much." - Liana (Principles of Economics)

"I worked out that I got 46/50 in the exam. Killed it thanks to you." - Claudine (Introduction to Economic Methods)

"Great news. I passed econometrics. My final result for the subject was 73. Thanks again for all your help this semester. I couldn't have done it without you." - Emma (Introductory Econometrics)

"I got a distinction. You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much!" - Georgia (Intermediate Microeconomics)

- Master of Economics @ UNSW (2018)
- Bachelor of Business (hons) in Economics @ UTS (2013)
- Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Economics and Finance) @ WSU (2009 - 2012)

University tutor for USyd, UTS, UNSW and WSU, where I marked (and sometimes wrote)
key assessments like exams and assignments.

University of Sydney (USyd)
BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making (Sem 1, 2014 - Sem 1, 2015)

University of New South Wales (UNSW)
ECON1101 Microeconomics (Sem 2, 2016 - PRESENT)
ECON5103 Business Economics (Sem 2, 2017)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
23115 Economics for Business, Head Tutor (Sem 2, 2013 - PRESENT)
23556 Economics for Business 2 (Sem 1, 2016 - Sem 1, 2017)
23000 Principles of Microeconomics (Sem 1, 2017)
23567 Intermediate Microeconomics (Sem 1, 2014 - Sem 2, 2015, Sem 1, 2017)
26134 Business Statistics (Sem 1, 2015 - PRESENT)
25300 Fundamentals of Business Finance (Sem 1, 2015 - Sem 2, 2016)
25556 The Financial System (Sem 2, 2015)
25622 Quantitative Business Analysis (Sem 1, 2015)

Western Sydney University (WSU)
200025 Principles of Economics (Sem 1, 2014)
200032 Statistics for Business (Sem 1, 2014)
200488 Corporate Financial Management (Sem 1, 2014)

PASS Faciliator @ WSU (2011-2013)
- Financial Institutions and Markets
- Economic Modelling
- Introduction to Economic Methods
- Statistics for Business




Alison is a phenomenal teacher. She has a reputation for turning weaknesses into great strengths. Driving her students to surpass all expectations and insecurities.

I was barely passing Intermediate Microeconomics when I contacted her. I was sitting at 25/35 before the final. With 65 marks to go, I was only aiming for 25, a content pass. I got 79.

Johnny, StudentVIP member
since April, 2016