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Hi everyone! I’m a 3rd-year Arts student majoring in Creative Writing, and minoring in History. I also studied Teaching and completed several placements before opting for a single degree.

I am very passionate about the English language and writing in general, be it creative, essay writing, satire, journalism, etc. I am currently in the process of formatting my debut novel for publication.

English is really my thing, and I've always done well in it. I'm able to help with formulating essay questions and ideas, as well as proofreading your work. I can also give you hints on getting the most out of reading or viewing texts.

This applies to all English-based subjects that require analytical substantiation, be it English, History, Education, or anything else! If you send me an overview of what you need, I am able to give a tailored answer on how my expertise can help you in particular.

We can negotiate a time and place to meet depending on interest; I could even do Skype lessons if this suits you better. I am happy to do discounts for group sessions, and offer a flat rate of $30 for more than one person, rather than $25 each.


English, some Serbo-Croatian and Japanese