Hi, I'm Ken Yul!

I'm a Macq. student studying Business.


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Ken Yul
Distinction WAM Graduate in Actuarial Studies at Macquarie currently working for a research management consulting firm. Tutored over 40 students in Financial Maths, Statistics and Finance over the past few years. All my students have had a 100% pass rate, with some topping their subjects.

Have High Distinction results in all statistics units and finance units that I tutor. Have never done ECON241 but have tutored about 10 students over the past few years.

I usually tutor in cafes around North Sydney and can help you with exam study, provide assistance with assignments (I don't do assignments for students) and general study/questions.

70 p/h for individual rate, 45 p/h pp for groups of individuals with 2 or more people.

Any questions please contact me on 0426 863 165.




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