Hi, I'm Matthew!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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Hi there,

I am a Biomedicine Graduate of 2018 and now taking students for the upcoming 2021 March Online GAMSAT for Section 3.

**Offering online sessions**

I used to tutor my units, Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry which all had scores in the high 80s. Feel free to message me for free study tips. No longer offering tutoring for these units.

2018 September
GAMSAT - 56/63/91 (75 overall)

2019 March
GAMSAT - 56/67/90 (76 overall)

I have a wealth of experience tutoring Year 7-10 and VCE Maths and Sciences, Music, University subjects listed above, and Section 3 of GAMSAT. For GAMSAT tutoring I have developed my own content, questions and techniques for the exam since the end of 2018, for both the written March 2019 and September 2019 exams as well as techniques for the online May/September 2020 exam.

In 2020, >50% of students I've tutored for Section 3 have achieved a score of above 70 in Section 3, with one student in particular jumping from 55 to 71 in the 2020 May GAMSAT.

For group tutoring it is $50 pp for 2 people, $40 pp for 3 or more people.

If interested, please do contact me.




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