Hi, I'm Linda!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Health.


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Currently studying MD2 at University of Melbourne (2019). Graduated from Bachelor of Biomedicine (2017) with a WAM of 85+. I've gotten H1s for all subjects on offer.

I understand that everyone learns and revises differently so I'm happy to adapt my teaching style to you. Each subject also differs slightly in their assessments and expectations, so the exact nature of these sessions will also differ. Some may be more theory-based: highlighting important sections of a topic, explaining concepts more thoroughly and advising students on the best way to memorise and revise topics. Others subjects may be more assessment focused, such as proof-reading oral presentation scripts and written reports or running through an oral presentation and providing feedback.

However, I ask of students with reports/oral presentations to go through to contact me early (~1-2 weeks before the due date) so that I have enough time to read through 1000/3000-word reports and provide feedback or book for rooms (generally booked out a week or two in advance). I will also be quite busy with assessments when you're in dire need of help with yours, so please be mindful of that. In spite of this, I will try my very best to assist you.

I'm willing to tutor either at Melbourne University (Parkville campus), or online (Skype, emails, FB etc.) depending on what works best for you (and occasionally me at the time).


English, Mandarin (intermediate; just don't expect me to know all the technical terms in Chinese)


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