I'm a USYD student studying Science.


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Note: I am not taking any more students in Semester 2 2018. I will be abroad over the summer so can't take students for summer school units. See you in Sem 1 of 2019!

Heya guys!

I'm currently in my third year of Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics). I love maths and I'm also really passionate about trying to teach it in the best and most engaging way possible.

Location: University of Sydney (I generally book a study room in fisher or law library)

Price: $40 an hour

Teaching style: I'm very flexible in my teaching style, and it depends what you want to get out of this. I can help you identify where you are struggling and explain slowly and clearly. I always try to add extra insight if I think it's helpful. And of course, you can ask all your stupid questions (trust me, EVERYONE has stupid questions, so literally no judgement)

Academic record: I've got an average mark of 96.2 in my maths units so far. I was the co-winner of the prize for best maths results in both first and second year and got an average of 99.3 in my three maths units this last semester.

I'm looking forward to meeting you. I want you to love maths as much as I do, but if you just wanna pass the exam I totally get that :P

Ps. they've switched around the units a bit this year, so some of the codes are new. If you're doing any first or second year unit, let me know and chances are I can help you, even if I haven't done that exact unit

Pps. check out some reviews from my past students below :)


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Hazel is truly a smart , passionate and enthusiastic maths tutor . She made maths so much fun and enjoyable for me. Everyone learns differently and Hazel knew what type of techniques to use in teaching me which i really appreciate . I would have never done well in maths if it wasn’t for Hazel!
I highly recommend Hazel as a very great tutor who will try her best In making you more confident in maths !

Aeman, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


I've just finished my exams last week and found Hazel's tutoring very valuable. She's helped me go through the concepts for MATH2922 thoroughly and at times provided different ways of approaching the problems at hand. Would definitely recommend such a passionate tutor!

David, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


Hazel tutored me through linear algebra and calculus after I had only done general maths in year 12. She was extremely clear and concise in her explanations, always changing her style of teaching when one approach didnt work. I highly recommend her!

Sam, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


Hazel is incredibly passionate about maths and is one of the best possible people you could ask to tutor you. Explaining maths to people is not just something she does as a job, but something she really enjoys doing and even does in her spare time. If you are struggling with any difficult concepts in maths, Hazel will be able to explain it to you with great clarity and often with diagrams, which is great if you're a visual learner (and still really helpful if you're not).

Ed, StudentVIP member
since March, 2016