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I'm a Flinders student studying Science.


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I am studying the Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity & Conservation) at Flinders, as well as the Bachelor of Letters (Spanish). I am highly passionate about the environment and conservation and protection of traditional landowners and indigenous groups, particularly in Australia. I have travelled extensively in Mexico and developed a love for learning and speaking Spanish.

One day I hope my degree will enable me to work in the conservation sector, along with educating those about the original custodians of the land in which we are working. I am a big believer in collaboration and sharing knwloedge.... which has lead me here to help anyone who is struggling with First Year!

I have kept all my notes from my First Year topics. If your struggling with a concept or would like a run down of the topic as a whole, let’s meet and work through it.

The most important thing I’ve learnt from first year is to ask for help! And it’s nice to have help from someone who has already experienced what your going through.

I would prefer to meet on campus and charge $20 an hour for individuals, $30 for 2 people.

I have all the textbooks for the topics listed and am an experienced speaker Spanish if your after some help with your language skills.

You can contact me via email to arrange a suitable time.

All the best,





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