Hi, I'm Lingling!

I'm a USYD student studying Education.


Per hour


Started uni
Professional Chinese Private Lesson: -For Business, Academic or Daily Conversation purpose etc...

-Mandarin beginner 35-50 AUD/hr
-Mandarin intermediate 50 AUD/hr
-Mandarin Advanced 55-60 AUD/hr
(Available in group study 25-50 AUD /person/hr)

-Cantonese Conversation 30-45AUD/hr
-Mandarin Conversation 35-55AUD/hr

-Skills-focus Lessons from 45-60 AUD/ hr based on the level of language skill:
-Writing Skill
-Speaking Skill
-Listening Skill
-Reading Skill

-Flexible Lesson from 44-60 AUD/ hr: Tailored lesson just for you !!

*Prices Includes study materials- PPT, printed handouts and extra exercises worksheets etc...
*provide half hour trail lesson (for 25 AUD) for new student
*Discounts for long-term study students and school students
*Experienced language tutor with almost 4 years teaching experiences in formal insititution settings
*Native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker


English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, French , Arabic