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I'm a Macq. student studying Arts.


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I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Ancient Languages. For my first year, I studied Latin, Greek, Italian, and German. I am in my second year currently and studied Hebrew, German, Coptic, and Italian, but for second Semester I am only studying Coptic and Italian now.

I have been studying Latin and Greek and languages ever since I was in year 7. I would like to believe I have a firm grasp over how to learn languages, as well as a quick response to learning new grammatical concepts thanks to previous studies.

I can tutor at university, at home, or at a student house. Whichever one suits you will suit me if we can sort a time. My base rate is $40 an hour, but please, that rate is most definitely open to negotiation and can be lowered or raised depending on exactly what you are after.

I can tutor in Italian comfortably to my studied level (ITL102-ITL211), and I can tutor introductory German (GMN104-GMN105). I studied 300s Latin and Greek, but I would feel most comfortable tutoring introductory Latin and Greek to start off. If you need assistance in 300s level Latin and Greek, I will offer to help wherever I can but I haven't build the confidence to tutor to that level so I might be hesitant and do apologise if I cannot fully help in the way you need. I can also tutor AHIS268 Coptic I.

My teaching style is focussed on whatever works best for you. It can be interactive, or it could just be explanation of grammar to name a few. Whatever works best for you, I can easily work with.


English, Italian, German, Irish


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