I'm a UNSW student studying Science.


Per hour


Started uni
- Currently an honours student at Neura
- Studying Advanced Science @UNSW
- Majored in Anatomy
- Have received excellent marks in the subject areas I teach
- I am very flexible with what a student needs e.g. specific needs, what they want out of tutoring
- I try to make the learning environment a very casual, fun and no-judgement place (because you can't learn if you don't enjoy it!)
- I try to tailor my teaching style to students' capabilities and keep to the pace that is best for them
- I always try to do mock exams and give exam prep tips for the specific subject
- Flexible with how many sessions you want and how long you want sessions to last
- Flexible to tutor at uni or locations close to city
- Private tutoring $30/h
- I think students benefit most from private tutoring, however if you want to bring along a few mates I'll discount it to $25/h pp.
- Feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about what you're looking for! :)


English, Bengali