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Hi everyone!

I am currently a PhD candidate in the school of AMME. I have just graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical) majoring in Computational Engineering with Honours Class I. I recently finished my honours thesis focussing on the CFD simulations for compressible combustion flows in which I achieved HD.

Before entering university, I was doing the Cambridge O-level and got 4A* & 2A for that exam. I was also doing a foundation program before entering university and got a GPA of 9.2.

I have experience tutoring class in the University. If you are the type of student who wants to know deeper and got as high score as possible or those who just want to pass the unit, I can help you guys as much as possible. I believe that I can explain a difficult content as simple as possible.

Following are the grades that I achieved when I was completing the unit of study that I am tutoring:

AERO2703 - HD
AERO3260 - DI
AERO3261 - HD
AERO3360 - HD
AERO3460 - HD
AERO4260 - HD
AERO4360 - HD
AMME2000 - HD
AMME2261 - HD
AMME2262 - HD
AMME2301 - HD
AMME3060 - HD
AMME3500 - HD
AMME5060 - HD
ENGG1801 - DI

Cheaper rate is possible if you bring your mates along!

Tutoring can be anywhere at the main campus of USYD or through Zoom video call.

Please do contact me! Looking forward to becoming your tutor!


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