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Sylvana Dea
I studied Japanese for few years before I came to Australia and have the N3 (日本語能力試験) certificate. Furthermore, I studied in Tokyo for few months.
I believe I can help people who have interest in learning Japanese, or who are taking Japanese in their school/uni. I would prefer to teach basic Japanese, but I believe I can teach up until Jap4 - level in the University of Melbourne.
If you wish to have a tutor who you can practice your Japanese with, you have found the right person. I personally think that it is very important to practice your pronunciation and use what you have learned in your class through daily conversation. Of course, we still can go through the textbook and learn about the grammar if you need help with that.
We can study somewhere in UniMelb or CBD (state library?). The rate would be $20/h for individual and $30/h for 2+


English, Indonesian, Japanese


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