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Hello! I'm a graduate from Speech, Hearing, and Language Sciences. My degree had some Psychology and Linguistics units I really enjoyed, so I figured I'd share some of that with you too.

Anyway, here's my breakdown:

For Psychology -- I did well on both the statistics units (PSY248 and PSY349), and honestly, it does get tricky at times. I can pass off some tips that helped me through it (especially for the syntax, and some of the more mathy concepts).

PSY248 was very abstract, but I can help you think of some of the concepts in a simpler way and get you to practice them with me too! It's honestly much less intimidating once you go through it with someone.

For Linguistics:

My beginning in Linguistics took place with LING111 (obviously), and I think it's one the harder ones because you don't know anything yet. A lot of it is practice, and I can help with that, but there are some tips I can pass off for doing the assignments too.

For the second year units, I have to say, LING220 and LING217 were very fun and they both get a lot easier if you practice. I can help with that. A lot of it is also noticing patterns (that comes with practice), and I can help you notice that too!


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I am a maths phobic mature age student who hadn't looked at numbers for more than two decades. PSY248 was a daunting prospect for me but I worked with Sakib throughout S2 2018 and I finished with an HD. I found Sakib to be knowledgeable, reliable and thoughtful and he didn't rush to give me the answers....giving me the space to work it out for myself. He also provided me with practice questions for the 10% optional test.

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I enrolled in PSY248 in the summer with zero understanding of statistics and psychology. Thanks for Sakib, I have been able to quickly catch up with the unit and received Distinction for all of my assessments. Sakib understands stats very well and can help you understand complicated theories with only a few sentences. Honestly, I don't what where I would have been without his help. Strongly recommend!!!!

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since November, 2017


Sakib is a savvy stats guru who will help you navigate your way through the uncharted waters PSY248 is for a lot of students. He is thorough, precise and patient with his sessions, which are tailored to the course content and assessments. There is guaranteed to be a strong positive correlation between getting tutored by Sakib and your stats marks.

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