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Macy Tran
UTS Business Graduate with 6.71 GPA and 88 WAM (visit my profile)!


Hi friends, nice to know you. My name is Thanh (Macy). List of subjects I've done so far:

- Accounting A & B: HDs
- Economics 1: HD
- Fundamentals of B. Finance: HD
- Marketing Foundations: HD
- Management (MPO): HD
- Business Statistics: HD
- Marketing Research: HD
- Consumer Behaviours: HD
- Economics 2: HD
- Intermediate Microeconomics: HD
- Introductory Econometrics: HD
- Pricing Strategies & Tactics: HD
- Marketing Analytics & Decisions: HD
- Intermediate Macroeconomics: HD
- Mathematics for Economics & Business: HD
- Economics of Competition & Strategy: HD
- Marketing Channels: HD
- Game Theory: HD

*My approach method is to 'Ask & Answer', which means helping you around theoretical knowledge and improving calculation skills. I won't give you any instant answers, but show you how to find the best solutions to your problems. Should you follow my instructions step by step, I can ensure you may get at least Credit (C) or even higher depending on your efforts. I promise to do my best to help you find interest in your undergraduate study.

*To ensure the quality of each tutoring session, the maximum number of students per 1-hour session is two (2). I'd prefer to conduct our tutorials at UTS Library or other UTS buildings (preferable but can be negotiated).

*The general learning support fees are $50/hour for one-on-one session and $35/hour/student for any pair study (only applied for Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Management & Marketing subjects). About other services, please message me for more details.


English, Vietnamese


Macy is amazing! She tutored me for Introductory Econometrics and highly recommend her!

Kusmi, StudentVIP member
since November, 2018


Really recommend Thanh, she tutored me for business statistics and after one lesson I understood most of the concepts. She is really helpful and is able to explain things in a very clear manner! Couldn't recommend her more!

Celine, StudentVIP member
since November, 2019


Thanh is amazing at what she does. I was tutored by Thanh for 25 300 and could not thank her enough. Her ability to explain complex questions and walk through each concept was super useful, and most importantly, she was really flexible in scheduling sessions around my uni schedule. Highly recommend!

Fauzia, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017