Hi, I'm Son!

I'm a LaTrobe student studying Business.


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To friends who are struggling,

Casual tutoring is the best way to capture the knowledge missing from the lecture, while removing the pressure from listening to your professor. I will read your notes and explain to you in person, assist you with your homework and help you to conduct research for your assignment.

Subjects that I can assist you:
- Accounting
- Finance, especially calculation part
- Statistic (not as hard as it might sound)
- Marketing
- Law (introductory courses)

I prefer to tutor at uni (your uni or my uni) for the benefits of having the study environment and all the required resources.

Discount rate for groups, please discuss with me directly.

Note about myself:
* BA in Applied Finance - University of South Australia
* Master of Science (Maritime Policy) - World Maritime University
* Master of Science (Law) - Macquarie University
* Master of Accounting - Latrobe University
* 4 years teaching experience at Vietnam Maritime University - majoring in Finance and Accounting.


Vietnamese, English