Hi, I'm Ben!

I'm a USYD student studying Science.


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High Performance Tutoring with an individualised focus.

6000+ hours tutoring experience, 85+ in every subject.

I have two goals: getting you the marks you need, and making the process as stress-free as possible. I place a large degree of emphasis on student-centred learning -- your goals are my goals, and it's important that we work together to achieve them =)


My name is Ben, and I'm currently studying Medicine here at Sydney University.

Previously, I completed a B Medical Science (Hons)
here, with a SciWAM of 85+ every year. For my honours, I was awarded The Univeristy Medal (2016).

I scored 87 overall on the GAMSAT (74/78/98) which is comfortably within the 99.99th percentile Australia-wide.


High quality, professional tutoring.

A range of tutoring styles depending on your needs. Simple, easy explanations and strategies for passing subjects you don't like, all the way to high level problem solving and strategies for maximising your marks.

In over 6,000 hours of tutoring I haven't missed a single session. I am extremely reliable. I've dealt with a huge range of students with all sorts of different challenges, and helped each one achieve their goals. I know these subjects extensively, and can offer simple and valuable insights into how to best study, as well as organise knowledge.

I do all of my tutoring on Camperdown campus, typically at Fisher library.


If you are interested in GAMSAT tutoring, please feel free to get in touch. As above, I scored 87 overall when I sat it, and have been tutoring for GAMSAT for over three years.

I offer tutoring for all three sections, but focus primarily on S2 and S3, as these in my experience are the areas where the greatest improvement is possible in overall marks.


English, Spanish


Ben is an outstanding tutor. He is very experienced and patient. Extremely professional and always on time. Ben is immensely qualified in such a broad range of areas and is an excellent communicator. Complex concepts are soon understood and remembered by his students. Years of tutoring equip Ben with the capacity to improve his students learning methods. I am very grateful to Ben for his guidance and assistance in CHEM1111. I highly recommend Ben to anyone experiencing challenges in their studies. Thank you Ben!

Jo, StudentVIP member
since January, 2018


Ben was a awesome tutor who helped me immensly in my biol1007 report he is patient and always on time prepared and ready to make anything you find difficult easier. I recommend him for anything he tutors. Keep up the good work Ben !!

Sam, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016


Ben is my tutor for chemistry and i can honestly say i would be lost without him! I was feeling very lost and stressed until i started seeing him twice a week. He has the ability to break down complicated concepts into a way thats easy to understand. i believe this is what makes a great tutor! Thanks Ben =]

Stefanie, StudentVIP member
since July, 2017

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