I'm a Macq. student studying Business.


Per hour

3.88/4, 6.50/7



Started uni
B of Applied Finance at Macquarie University.

Previously a PAL Leader at MQ for ACST101, ACST201, AFIN250, ECON110 and ECON111.

I have developed a strong sense of self at uni. I have mastered the skill of preparing for final exams; working smart and efficiently with full effort. I have a passion for helping you achieve the grades you desire.

Commonly I will run through the concepts within each weekly topic to ensure you are thinking about it correctly. I am a proponent of understanding rather than memorising, intuitive thought processes, thorough attention to detail and application through practice. You will likely adopt these values, which will help you not only in the unit you're studying with me but all of your future studies.

I can also assist in answering specific questions, marking your work, giving you extra personally made questions within worksheets (some units) and exam preparation.

My teaching speciality units are ACST101, ACST201, AFIN250, AFIN329 and STAT150. These are units where I have added the most value to my students learning experiences.

Individuals; $85/hr.
Groups: 2; $50/person, 3; $40/person.

Over 900 hours of experience in teaching the subjects below.
Finance MQ Units:
AFIN328 - 100 (1st of 307 students in S2, 2018)
ACST201 - 97 (2nd of 585 students in S1, 2017)
AFIN329 - 96 (1st of ~250 students in S1, 2018)
AFIN250 - 95 (1st of 432 students in S1, 2017)
AFIN270 - 94 (2nd of 185 students in S2, 2017)
AFIN353 - 94 (1st of ~250 students in S2, 2017)
AFIN352 - 86 (~Top 5 of 287 students in S2, 2018)
ACST101 - 85
AFIN102 - 77
Economics MQ Units:
ECON131 - 95
ECON334 - 91 (1st of 248 students in S1, 2018)
ECON311 - 87 (4th of 118 students in S1, 2018)
ECON111 - 86
ECON204 - 85
ECON110 - 85
ECON232 - 83
ECON203 - 79
*Not all economics units available, message to find out*
Other MQ Units:
ACCG200 - 91
STAT150 - 79
ACCG100 - 77
ACCG101 - 77




Jayden is a very professional tutor who encourages his students to critically think about finance. I contacted Jayden for help in ACST101 - Finance 1A because I needed a tutor who could help me pass the unit.

From the outset, I feared that I would fail this unit. I had not studied mathematics since year 12 high school in 2009. Moreover, I had completely forgotten how to do basic algebra. Jayden was very adaptable in the sense that he committed the first 2-3 weeks helping me understand algebra.

Another advantage of tuition with Jayden is that each Finance 1A topic can be discussed and critically examined in further detail. This is something that cannot be done within the lectures and tutorials.

I am very confident in my reading and writing abilities, but I needed more time understanding and applying myself in maths, particularly finance. Fortunately, Jayden was supportive with tutoring me at a slower pace. Jayden was the best support when I felt like giving up.

For anyone who values in-depth and tailored tuition, Jayden is the best person to consult.

In sum, I got an 83 (Distinction) in the unit and I'm on my way to completing my BCommerce/BLaws degree.

Ron, StudentVIP member
since December, 2016


I was in desperate need for help with a finance subject, and Jayden was able to see me on short notice at Macquarie. He was super helpful and explained the concepts and technical stuff in a very straightforward way. He helped me significantly improve my grade in the subject.

Michael, StudentVIP member
since October, 2018


Jayden is an excellent tutor! He was incredibly patient with me as finance was not my strong suit. Explained each and every topic in great detail and tried to help me understand the logic behind a concept rather than just applying formulas. He also adjusts his teaching technique depending on your goals.

Shyla, StudentVIP member
since October, 2017


To say that Jayden is an amazing tutor is an understatement!

As a Marketing student, I knew that Finance was not my strong point. After hearing numerous people tell me that ACST101 was one of the hardest subjects and also knowing a few friends who had failed the subject, I wanted to find a tutor to help me to pass the unit. From the first tutoring session, it was clear that Jayden knew his content inside out. He would find different ways to explain the content, making sure I fully understood it before moving on. Even outside of tutoring sessions he was extremely helpful and always willing to answer any questions I had or to mark practice papers I had completed.

Overall, I managed to not only pass, but I achieved a 94, the highest mark I’ve ever gotten in a subject. Of course I could not have done it without Jayden’s help, so I highly recommend him to anyone!!

Jemma, StudentVIP member
since March, 2016


Jayden is a miracle worker! I found out about him through this site and thought I would give him a shot at tutoring me for AFIN329 - Derivatives.

I started panicking 2 weeks from the mid-semester exam. I was quite overwhelmed with this unit as it is probably the hardest subject that I had ever come across, and I am sure that some of you could say the same.

I was also quite worried since a few friends I knew did not pass the subject first time round.

This subject explored derivatives in detail - quite mathematical but also tested your understanding of the theory behind it. To be very honest, a lot of my first few years at uni, I rope learned both concepts and formula's. But you really could not do this in this unit...

Jayden was great at breaking down these concepts for me. He even explained them multiple times in different ways to drill it into my head for the final exam.

As a result, I achieved a proud 78! Thank you Jayden - I will definitely be seeing you for future units. I would also recommend - if you are sitting on the fence to be tutored or not... Just do it! You will not regret it with Jayden.

Jess, StudentVIP member
since September, 2018


I was introduced to Jayden by a friend of mine who had organised a tutoring session with him and I was able to join. Throughout the session Jayden showed his extensive knowledge of the content but also showed it's relevancy to the assessments. He was very detailed in his explanation of the work and ensured we understood the reasoning and foundations of the work we were completing. He was very supportive of all the questions we had and made me feel encouraged to ask questions or to have him clarify something. I would honestly recommend his services to anyone.

Connor, StudentVIP member
since October, 2018


ayden tutored myself in my first semester of university where I was studying Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. I had not studied mathematics since stage 5 in my secondary education so in the first few weeks, felt overwhelmed by the course content. Jayden quickly became my primary source of knowledge, his sessions with me were as engaging as they were informative. Once I had developed core concepts Jayden was able to assist me in applying these to more complex problems. Jayden's adaptable teaching styles to cater for all skill levels and continuously provide work which challenges yourself is one of his greatest strengths. Jayden's familiarity with course content allows him to identify the difficulty of different questions and align them to best suit the student's ability. With Jayden's assistance, my final exam mark was well into the 90's which resulted in me achieving a high distinction which I believe would not have been possible without Jayden's tutorage. The greatest compliment I can bestow upon Jayden is he values the marks his student achieves as if it were his own. This selfless character trait is the essence of what truly makes him a great tutor. It is rare to find anyone within the teaching profession as a whole, let alone a university tutor to be so well acquainted with engaging students, as such with great pleasure I highly recommend Jayden's services to anyone who requires academic assistance.

Chad, StudentVIP member
since June, 2018


Jayden knows his content back to front. If you have any specific questions he will be able to answer them with great detail to make sure you properly understand the concept. He is also very adaptable to your study level and situation, i.e if you're cramming and don't know anything or if you're aiming for a High Distinction and want some further understanding. He is a great tutor and I highly recommended him to anyone studying ECON or AFIN/ACST units.

Tomas, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


Jayden is a great tutor. He has a really strong passion in teaching and helping his students. I did not go on tutoring with him but he is my PAL leader. During the session that i study with him, I have learn a lot from him. I would highly recommend Jayden to anyone who want a better understand and improve their mark.

Nara, StudentVIP member
since September, 2017


Jayden is a very nice tutor!not only does he help me in one unit, he also helps me in other units. He doesn't teach ECON204 but when i have questions about ECON204, he helps me to solve the problems. Jayden also helps students to understand the knowledge of the units

Kingsley, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017


Jayden is a great tutor! He communicates clearly, while ensuring that I thoroughly understand the topic, by various examples! I would highly recommend Jayden for anyone who is wanting to learn efficiently and smartly!

Symran, StudentVIP member
since July, 2016


Jayden is a very enthusiastic as a tutor and holds a strong passion for helping his students not only maximise marks but also fully understanding concepts. After a few tutoring sessions with Jayden a was way more confident with the course and was also able to do much better as a result. I highly recommend Jayden to anyone trying to engage in their studies abit more, understand topics in a greater depth or simply just trying to maximise marks.

Daniel, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017