Hi, I'm Jayden!

I'm a Macq. student studying Business.


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Online available Previously employed by Macquarie University as a sessional academic for ACST1001, ACST2001, AFIN2050 and AFIN3053. High quality reviews and grades below: B of Applied Finance at MQU. Previously a PAL Leader at MQU for ACST101, ACST201, AFIN250, ECON110 and ECON111. I have mastered the skill of preparing for final exams; working smart and efficiently with full effort. I have a passion for helping you achieve the grades you desire. Commonly I will run through the concepts within each weekly topic to ensure you are thinking about them correctly. I am a proponent of understanding rather than memorising, intuitive thought processes, thorough attention to detail and application through practice. You will likely adopt these values, which will help you not only in the unit you're studying with me but in all of your future studies. I can also assist in answering specific questions, marking your work, giving you extra personally made questions within worksheets (some units) and exam preparation. My teaching speciality units are ACST1001, ACST2001, AFIN2050 and AFIN3029. These are units where I have added the most value to my students learning experiences. Individuals; $150/hr. Groups: 2; $90/person, 3; $70/person, 10; $30/person Over 1000 hours of experience in teaching the subjects below. Finance MQ Units: AFIN328 - 100 (1st of 307 students in S2, 2018) ACST201 - 97 (2nd of 585 students in S1, 2017) AFIN329 - 96 (1st of ~250 students in S1, 2018) AFIN250 - 95 (1st of 432 students in S1, 2017) AFIN270 - 94 (2nd of 185 students in S2, 2017) AFIN353 - 94 (1st of ~250 students in S2, 2017) AFIN352 - 86 (~Top 5 of 287 students in S2, 2018) ACST101 - 85 AFIN310 - 81 AFIN102 - 77 Economics MQ Units: ECON131 - 95 ECON334 - 91 (1st of 248 students in S1, 2018) ECON311 - 87 (4th of 118 students in S1, 2018) ECON111 - 86 ECON204 - 85 ECON110 - 85 ECON232 - 83 ECON203 - 79




Jayden is very skilled in making complex topics understandable. Very supportive, helpful and encouraging. Jayden helped me with both Afin3028 and Afin3029 and going into the final exam was confident in my understanding of the subjects., Highly recommend Jayden.

Paris, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019


Jayden's a great tutor. He's very understanding and concise with the subject he teaches and he's more than willing to assist if there any problems. You wouldn't find a better tutor than him for these subjects

James, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Jayden is a very enthusiastic as a tutor and holds a strong passion for helping his students not only maximise marks but also fully understanding concepts. He communicates clearly, while ensuring that I thoroughly understand the topic. All round good guy and has a lot to offer, would recommend highly to anyone that is struggling at uni as he really helped me

Paul, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Jayden is a fantastic tutor, could not speak more highly of him! I msg'd him just over one week before my final exam sitting on just over 50%, with the exam weighing 60% (thus I needed at minimum a pass and that is all I was seeking with Jayden). In working with Jayden twice for 2 hrs each, going through some past questions from previous exams from AFIN3028, he succinctly and efficiently broke down each question and pointed out common questions we were likely to be tested on. He effectively explained what to look out for and gave an extremely handy crash course overview in such a short space of time (especially for what is considered to be a nightmare unit to study for). Overall, not only did I pass but I finished the semester off with 73% as my overall score which I could not have been more thankful for considering that in the mid semester exam, I only received 40%. Overall, Jayden was a lifesaver to me and many others and I could not be more thankful for his help :)

George, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


I was finding finance 1B hard and reached out to Jayden just before mid sem for help. He thoroughly went through nearly every topic in subject and helped me understand all the details. I highly recommend him if you are finding the subject confusing or difficult because he really helped me out

Anisa, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Jayden was great in simplifying statistical concepts by taking the numbers out of the discussion and using examples to sustain the concepts. All round good guy and had a lot to offer, would recommend highly!

Jack, StudentVIP member
since June, 2017


Jayden was so great! As a law student, in my final semester, I was very stressed about passing ACST201 given that finance is not my strong point. Halfway through the semester I decided to seek help and found Jayden through this site. He helped me with the assignments along the way and managed to not only teach me, but help me understand the the entirety of the content from start to finish. He was patient, responsive and very knowledgeable. His passion for finance really shines through, contributing to his enthusiastic and effective teaching style. I managed to achieve more then a pass in this unit and have completed all my studies. I would recommend Jayden to anyone who is need of assistance in understanding concepts and/or looking to excel. Once again, thanks so much Jayden! You’re the best!

Christiana, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


Jayden is an excellent tutor! He was incredibly patient with me as finance was not my strong suit. Explained each and every topic in great detail and tried to help me understand the logic behind a concept rather than just applying formulas. He also adjusts his teaching technique depending on your goals.

Shyla, StudentVIP member
since October, 2017


Jayden is a great tutor. He has a really strong passion in teaching and helping his students. I did not go on tutoring with him but he is my PAL leader. During the session that i study with him, I have learn a lot from him. I would highly recommend Jayden to anyone who want a better understand and improve their mark.

Nara, StudentVIP member
since September, 2017

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