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Hi, I'm Lodovico!

I'm a Monash student studying Science.


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I'm a an Italian student moved here to finish my Science studies at Monash, majoring in Physics.
I am obviously a native Italian speaker, but fluent in English and intermediate in French (also bravely trying a Japanese unit at the moment).

I would be very happy to be able to help someone out with the language, as I know it might seem challenging in the beginning, especially for who has never done it before. Not that it's easy, but actually having the chance to speak it and learn from a native speaker would probably be the best support.

I live in Prahran but all my courses are in Clayton, so any of the 2 zones would be great. I can offer my place as a possible location (it's small, I advise you), or we could arrange meetings speaking directly.
I have a flexible routine so just let me know some possible days/timings.

And I have to admit, I believe that interacting ("diving into it" is how we say in Italian) is the best way to learn languages, rather than just sitting and studying.
We'll talk about that! Everyone has different approaches.

Willing to do a first meeting discounted (15$) and see how it goes.

((Just to advise, I'm from Florence, where the modern Italian language was born after Dante, I don't want you to learn bizzarre dialects, no matter how fascinating they sound!))



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