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Hi, I am a qualified teacher, currently working in a school. I have a love for the German language and have studied abroad in Germany. As a teacher, I have a thorough understanding of how people learn as well as a passion for helping anybody struggling with learning German (it is hard, I know!). have a strong proficiency in all German language skills, however have an especially in-depth understanding of German grammar concepts.

My aim is to not only help you understand the rules behind concepts, but also to enable you to actually be able to use and apply them in your German speaking, reading, writing etc. :) My teaching style involves actively involving you in the learning process. I will help you to understand through clear explanations, diagrams, videos, and activities that get you practicing and using the concepts. I also like to use authentic materials - such as articles or videos - to demonstrate and explain the concepts and ideas in a real context.

I am confident that I can help you with any aspect of German that you may be struggling with! I look forward to working with you to learn some Deutsch!

P.S. I am also happy to tutor pairs or small groups at a discounted rate!!


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