I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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MIT Applied Mathematics PhD student, in Melbourne currently because of the virus situation

94 mathematics average undergrad
91 mathematics average Masters

I graduated in 2018 from a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and have been accepted into a PhD program at MIT. I graduated in 2016 doing a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Diploma in Applied Maths. I have four years of VCE tutoring experience.

Having overloaded extensively in the past, understanding subject material quickly before becoming overwhelmed by university work was crucial. Therefore, I am used to simplifying course material into more manageable pieces for myself. My tutoring style, therefore, consists mostly of helping students learn by explaining how to approach questions or concepts. I strongly believe that a firm understanding of basics is essential for learning science at a university level. I generally either write notes for students during the lesson or help them with any questions they may have. In addition, I am constantly available for ranting to about the challenges of uni. However, I am also happy to assist with calculations and problem solving too.

(Tutoring would be via Skype, where I would type out notes in LaTex while sharing my screen, answering any queries you may have about what I'm writing, and you get the notes at the end of the lesson in a pdf format (or tex format if you wish). Typing is much faster than writing by hand, especially if I can copy + paste for equations, so I can explain in more detail this way.)

The bracketed paragraph applies when I'm not in Melbourne, but because of the virus situation, I'll be in Melbourne, so tutoring can proceed as per normal face to face.

I am charging $60/hr for all individual lessons +$30/hr per person. So, $90/hr for two, $120/hr for three etc.


English, Chinese