Hi, I'm Nicholas!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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94 mathematics average

I am currently studying a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. I graduated in 2016 doing a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Diploma in Applied Maths. I have three years of VCE tutoring experience.

Having overloaded extensively in the past, understanding subject material quickly before becoming overwhelmed by university work was crucial. Therefore, I am used to simplifying course material into more manageable pieces for myself. My tutoring style, therefore, consists mostly of helping students learn by explaining how to approach questions or concepts. I strongly believe that a firm understanding of basics is essential for learning science at a university level. I generally either write notes for students during the lesson or help them with any questions they may have. In addition, I am constantly available for ranting to about the challenges of uni. However, I am also happy to assist with calculations and problem solving too.

I prefer tutoring at Melbourne University as I am a student there, although I don't mind tutoring at the State Library either.

I am charging $70/hr for all individual lessons +$30/hr per person. So, $100/hr for two, $130/hr for three etc.


English, Chinese