I'm a USYD student studying Business.


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I hold a Bachelor of Economics (Honours equivalent) from my country's top University. I have also worked in the Macroeconomics department of the one of the biggest investment banks in my home country for nearly two years, and have now finished my masters degree in Economics at USYD (HD average).

As a masters student at USYD, I completed the following units:
ECMT6002 (Applied Econometrics)
ECMT6003 (Applied Business Forecasting)
ECMT6006 (Applied Financial Econometrics)
ECMT6007 (Analysis of Panel Data)
ECON6001 (Microeconomics)
ECON6002 (Macroeconomics)
ECON6003 (Maths)
ECON6008 (Intl Money and Finance)
ECON6023 (International Trade)
ECON6903 (Topics - Bus Cycles & Mon. Pol)
ECON6906 (Topics in Development)
and ECON6910 (Topics in Macro)

My specialities are Macroeconomics and Econometrics.

I have been a private tutor since high school. Most people tell me I have the natural gift of teaching, as I'm very patient and can explain complex concepts/ideas in a rather simple way. I have tutored a multitude of students, mainly from USYD, UNSW, UTS and Macquarie Uni.

I have been tutoring for USYD and UNSW (current tutor for both). I tutor (or tutored) the following units: BUSS1040 (USYD), ECOS2002 (USYD), ECMT2150 (USYD), ECON1101 (UNSW), ECON2102 (UNSW), ECON3206 (UNSW) and ECON3208 (UNSW).

My current hourly rate is $65 for undergraduates. For postgrads and/or groups, please shoot me a message.


English, Portuguese