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Grappling with first year science subjects at Macquarie University?

I'm Ron and I am studying Medical Science at Macquarie. Having worked as a Peer Assisted Learning Leader for the university, I have helped many students learn difficult material. My approach is to focus on problem solving because at the end of the day, that is what we are all expected to do when exam time rolls around.

If you would like some tutoring on material that crosses over with the subjects listed on the right, you are welcome to contact me. My preference is to run sessions near Macquarie. The hourly rate is negotiable for group sessions. Thanks and all the best.




Ron is a fantastic tutor, with a lot of experience. He is extremely patient and provides excellent resources for his students so that they may succeed in their studies.

Alice, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


I did PHYS149 at Macquarie last year and I was struggling to keep up with the materials that I was learning in the unit. But with the assistance from Peer Assisted Learning(PAL) that Ron was running for PHYS149, I got a lot of supports and more confidence in myself that I could manage to pass the unit. In each PAL session, Ron brought several questions related to the contents that were taught in the previous week and went through them with students. It was very good revisions and great opportunities to ask questions to Ron. He was really friendly, supportive and encouraging towards every student in PAL sessions, which was great. He was also happy to spare some times after PAL session if anyone had any problems with their studies and wanted to talk to him. Overall, I got a lot of assistance and encouragement from him throughout the semester when I was doing PHYS149. I still really appreciate his support.

Sooin, StudentVIP member
since January, 2018

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