Hi, I'm Olivia!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


Per hour




Started uni
- I can help you with your weekly study and final exam preparation !!!
Suitable for those who were lost in online studies and need help preparing for the final exams, which as we all know have hurdle requirements.

Graduated in 2018 with, Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting & Finance
Currently pursuing my Master of finance from the University of Melbourne
- I scored
92 in my Introductory Macroeconomics,
86 in Quantitative Methods 2,
85 in Introductory Microeconomics
85 in Accounting Reports and Analysis
83 in Investment
82 in Business Finance
82 in Corporate Finance
81 in Intermediate Financial Accounting
81 in Quantitative Methods 1

- I can help you go through every tutorial and highlight the important points in the lecture slides.
- I can teach in Mandarin & English and I have a good collection of study materials including both handwriting and typing notes and conclusions for all subjects I tutoring.
-I would help you with clearing any concepts you have related to the subject and guide you on how to study efficiently for the subject.
-I will also help with how to prepare and do the exam.

- I can tutor online through Zoom.
- for individuals: $50 hour (level 1 subjects),$60 hour (level 2/3 subjects) and 70-80/hour for 2-3 students, $10/H extra for final revision
-feel free to contact me if you are interested.
-feel free to add me on FB (Olivia Cong Xu) for a quicker response.


English, Mandarin