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Hi! I'm now in my final year of Bachelor in Psychological Science (Hons) - I have gotten 7s for all subjects this year.
I have been tutoring psychology privately for the past two years (and also tutored other subjects for another two years prior to this). I've also had experience as a tutor for UQ college tutorials whereby I taught stats and other psyc courses like PSYC2030.

Most students tend to struggle with course assignments and some understanding of the course content. Therefore, I'm glad to help you perform better in those areas and provide you with feedback for further improvements. I can assist in other areas such as checking/proofreading your assignments too.

For students who are looking for specific help with assignments, these are my assignment grades FYI:
Grade 7 (85%) and above:
PSYC1030, PSYC1040
PSYC2010, PSYC2040, PSYC2063
PSYC3010, PSYC3020, PSYC3102, PSYC3082
Others are high Grade 6s (80%) on average.

I'm able to teach in the languages mentioned below and also provide you with any additional help outside of the in-person tutoring hours (through Facebook, etc).

I'm easy with the meeting location, please contact me to discuss possible options.
Group sessions will be further discussed.


English, Mandarin (Chinese), Cantonese


Yunying is friendly, patient, approachable and she provides a comfortable learning environment. She is dedicated and ensured that I understood the assignment well so that I could complete it. She also provides detailed notes and extra materials for the assignment. I’d highly recommend her!

Ian, StudentVIP member
since April, 2017


Yunying was very flexible and willing to fit in with my last minute requests. She confidently assisted me through difficult parts of my assignment. Would definitely recommend as a reliable tutor!

Cam, StudentVIP member
since May, 2017