Hi, I'm Yang!

I'm a Newcastle student studying Architecture & building.


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I have completed my Bachelor & Master's of Architecture at the University of Newcastle. I am currently working in the field of architecture, designing a wide range of projects ranging from houses, multi-dwelling to commercial buildings.

It is crucial to have a good understanding in fundamentals, so in any topic or design problems, I will ensure that you understand and form a good foundation. I think as an architect, explaining and communicating is the simplest form thru sketching.

Tutoring in uni is ideal, or we can always arrange for a more convenient place.

There will be a better rate for 2 or more.

Basically, I have experience in every subject in the syllabus, but prefer to do design tutoring as it is more exciting and refreshing. But do let me know if there are other request.

Here to help. :)


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