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PhD candidate, exam marker, lab demo, tutor with 7 years' exp. WAM 91.2, H1 in all BSc & MSc subjects. Experienced in conducting tutes via Zoom and Messenger.

Started a PhD in quantum chemistry in January 2017, expected completion by January 2021. Completed the Master of Science (Chemistry) in 2016, Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) in 2014, all at the University of Melbourne.

Published scientific author, regular presenter at conferences, recipient of various awards, etc. You get the idea - I've been a researcher/tutor since back when most first-year students were in primary school...

Around once a year, I complete a different short course on university-level teaching, to stay sharp. Also working as an exam marker and lab demonstrator for the School of Chemistry, and giving feedback to academics on how to improve the courses, I have insights and experience which no other tutor has.

All of this means that I charge a bit more than other tutors, but once you consider all the hours of preparation I put into each tute but don't charge for, I believe my price is quite reasonable. My students seem to think so - I was booked out for semester 1, 2020 before it even began!

Usually I tutor undergraduate students, but have also taught post-graduate students in chemistry, students preparing for the GAMSAT and MCAT, and students at all levels of primary school and high school.

The format of the session is up to you: You can ask about specific topics from the lecture material, we can work through questions from past exams/tutes/textbooks, or for serious cases we can go through all the lecture slides one-by-one at a pace which suits you.

It's always best if you think about what you want to learn in a given session, having already attended the relevant lecture and tute.

I'm easy-going and friendly, and my students always enjoy themselves in our sessions. That said, I do expect my students to work hard and revise the notes from our sessions. Having been a student since 2012 (ugh...), I'm choc-full of advice on how to revise and prepare for exams. Seriously, I can talk for up to two hours just giving advice on how to survive university.

The Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne is my preferred tutoring location, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, all my sessions are being done via Zoom. Because I'm doing a PhD in theoretical chemistry, I don't have any classes or lab commitments, so I'm super flexible for tute times.

For groups of students, I charge $15 per additional person. For example, a group of two is $75 per hour, three is $90 per hour, etc.


English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


Jared's dedication to his students and the nature in which he teaches is what any student needs! Not only does he take the time to understand and prepare answers to any question that you may throw at him, he is always patient, kind and flexible. Not only did he help me pass this subject after failing, his teaching and guidance throughout the term helped me secure my degree as well as a fantastic graduate role. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor, thank you for all you do.

Shenoli, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Jared is everything that a student could want in a tutor - passionate, patient, knowledgeable, and he understands how students learn. All of these skills make him an invaluable resource as you progress through whatever subject you're enrolled in. Jared took an active interest in my progress throughout the course, ensuring that I learnt and understood every concept and question that was brought up. I cannot recommend him highly enough to any prospective student - if you're considering a tutor for any unit in science or mathematics, it would be a mistake to go to anyone else.

David, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019


Jared is a systematic thinker with a vast amount of technical knowledge in the sciences. He has tremendous experience with teaching and has the ability to communicate with a diverse audience. He has a good understanding of the key challenges that students are likely to face in their careers and has a way of calmly offering useful tips and suggestions to make things easier. He has a passion for teaching and a prodigious attention to detail that make him stand out among tutors.

Shashank, StudentVIP member
since June, 2017


It is not only Jared's comprehensive knowledge of maths, chemistry and physics that makes him an excellent tutor but also his attention to detail, his patience and his fantastic communication skills. I appreciate a lot that he takes time and care in breaking down complicated topics into their constituent parts and methodically explains everything to the last detail. Despite this depth of explanation, Jared also somehow manages to cover swathes of material in a fairly efficient manner leaving plenty of time for further questions when the material is particularly obscure.

Kieran, StudentVIP member
since July, 2019

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