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Dr. Alex UOW
5 years' official tutor experience at UNSW. 7 years' research experience. Tutoring: Research, Writing, statistics, Math, Business, Finance ( SAS, SPSS).

************** Tutoring Experience *****************
+++++++ Research Projects +++++++++++
Ethics in information technology(IT) (University of Wollongong, 2014)
Nature Language Processing(NLP) in Social Media by using Python (2014)
The Neutralization Theory in Cybercrime (USYD, 2014)
The Effect Study of GST in Malaysia (UNSW, 2014)
Activities Monitoring by using Wireless Sensor Networks (UTS, 2013)
Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Mining (UOQ, 2013)
Foundation Engineering (300485) (2013)
Intelligent Home Security System (UWS, 2013)
The Study of Solar Flow (UON, 2013)
Consider Green Product as Luxury (UNSW, 2013)
Smart Control System In Modern construction (UWS, 2013)
Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) based on Mathematica (UTS, 2013)
Financial Issue in Education System (University of Northern Dame, 2013)
Automated Fuel Price Collection by using Participatory Sensing (UNSW, 2012)
Automated Camera Control System for Mobile Networks (UNSW, 2012)
GPS Accuracy Investigation for Participatory Wireless Sensor Networks (UNSW, 2012)
Computer Vision Algorithms Applied in Mobile phone Networks (UNSW, 2011)
Petrol Station Brand Detection by using Mobile phone Captured Videos (UNSW, 2010)
Compressible Sensing used in Multimedia Networks (Microsoft, 2009)
Reliable Data Transformation in Wireless Sensor Networks (CSIRO, 2008)
Target Tracking by using Wireless Sensor Networks (DSTO, 2007)

++++++ Finance and Statistics ++++++++++
(200038.3) Time Series and Forecasting (UWS)
(MATH5165) Optimization (ALSO CALLED MATH3161) (UNSW)
(MATH2089) Numerical Methods and Statistics (UNSW)
(MATH1041) Stats for Life & Soc Sciences (UNSW)
(MNGT6232) Data Analysis and Statistical Modeling for Business (UNSW)
(MATH1001) Differential Calculus (USYD)
(MATH1005) Statistics (USYD)
(STAT811/STAT411) Generalised Linear Models (Macquarie University)
(STAT170) Introductory Statistics (Macquarie University)
(STAT100) Introduction to Statistics (International College of Management)
(STAT5702) Statistical Methods for Engineering and Science (Flinders University)
(ENG4104) Engineering Problem Solving Simulations (University of South Queensland)
(AYN453) Financial Forensics and Business Intelligence (QUT)
(FINS5542) Applied Funds Management (UNSW)
(FINS3775/5575) Research Methods in Finance (UNSW)

++++++ Economics ++++++++++++++++
(ECON 6004) Mathematical Economics (UNSW)
(ECON6003) Econometric Analysis (UNSW)
(MGMT19128) Business Integration (CQU)
(22107) Accounting for Business Decisions (UTS)
(COMM7015OL) Business Statistics (Adelaide University)

+++++++++Computer Science +++++++++++++
(COMP 5046) Statistical Nature Language Processing (USYD)
(COMP 5045) Computing Geometry (USYD)
(COMP2911) Engineering Design in Computing (UNSW)
(COMP1927) Computing 2 (UNSW)
(COMP1917) Computing 1 (UNSW)
++++++++++++++ Data Mining +++++++++++++++++++++
(COMP4418) Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (UNSW)
(COMP9318) Data Warehousing and Data Mining (UNSW)
(COMP313/513) Data Mining (UNE)
++++++++++++++ Programming ++++++++++++++++++++
(COMP391) Advanced Web Technologies (UNE)
(300958) Social Web Analytics (UWS)
(ELEC5619) Object Oriented Application Frameworks (USYD)
(COMP9021) Principles of Programming (UNSW)
(COMP9024) Data Structures and Algorithms (UNSW)
(ENG 154) Engineering Foundations (UNSW)
(48023) Programming Fundamentals (UTS)
(EPRG001) Programming Fundamentals (UTS)
(48430) Embedded C (UTS)
(CSCI 191) Engineering Programming (UOW)
(CSCI 192) Engineering Programming2 (UOW)

+++++++++++ Embedded System ++++++++
(48430) Embedded C (UTS)
(48451) Advanced Digital System (UTS)
(EnB350) Real-time Computer based systems (QUT)

+++++++++++Networking ++++++++++++++++
(ENGR2782) Computer Networks GE (Flinders University)
(COMP4335) Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks (UNSW)
(COMP9441) Security Engineering (UNSW)
(COMP9331) Computer Networks and Applications (UNSW)
(COMP9332) Network Routing and Switching (UNSW)
(COMP9333) Advanced Computer Networks (UNSW)
(COMP9334) Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks (UNSW)
(ENGR8782/ENGR2782)Computer Networks (Flinder University)
(ITEC 803) Computer Networking (Macquarie
(ITEC 855) Security and Forensic Discovery (Macquarie University)
(ITEC 850) Network Management (Macquarie University)
(49227) Wireless Sensor Networks (UTS)
(48033) Wireless Sensor Networks: Technology and Applications (UTS)
++++++++++ Operating System +++++++++++++
(COMP2762/8762) Operating Systems (Flinders University)


English, Mandarin


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