I'm a Monash student studying Business.


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I'm an actuarial science & languages graduate, with a masters of Teaching. I'm currently studying a postgraduate Diploma in Data Science.

My undergraduate was at Monash so this post has the list of subjects I can tutor at Monash, however I am now at Melbourne University and live near that area so would be best if can meet in suburbs close to city (negotiable).

Very friendly with 3 years of full time teaching experience as well as many years of tutoring experience.

I've previously tutored university students in Maths, statistics (including the use of the R language), Finance, French and Spanish.

I'm available during weekdays depending on my semester schedule, and perhaps on weekends.

I'm very passionate about deep understanding of mathematical principles, but will prioritise what you need to understand at the time.

As far as languages, I'm native in Spanish because I'm originally south american then majored in Japanese & Chinese (the latter recently). Finally I've also completed French to level 8. All of my language studies were achieved at a distinction level or above.

My teaching experience means I have many techniques to help you understand concepts that may seem hard at first, and my various languages also means I understand the difficulties of learning particular LOTEs.


Japanese, Mandarin (basic), Spanish, French, English