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Hi all! I'm an undergrad B.Arts (Advanced) student majoring in Linguistics and German Studies. Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/alain-le-87138b98

I'm currently employed by the University of Adelaide as a P.A.S.S (peer assisted study sessions) leader in LING1101 Foundations of Linguistics and ARTS 1007 The Enquiring Mind.

I am fascinated by language(s) as it governs pretty much all aspects of human life. Although being a non-native English speaker, I see this as an advantage to observe and examine the English language as objectively as possible. In so doing, I am able to look closer and see how the language fit into various linguistic models.

I can help you with the assignments as well as other questions regarding linguistics (I got HD in all linguistic courses). For those that I may not know the answer I will quickly confirm with my academic mentor (Prof. Ghil'ad Zuckermann) and let you know.



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