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Hello everyone : )


- Honours graduate majoring in Linguistics and Philosophy
- For philosophy, I was awarded the Hastie Exhibition ($5000) in 2017
- I was invited to apply for the PASS leader position for Syntax
- Working experience in a VCE tutoring company for 2 years
- Fluent in Mandarin
- Proofs of scholarships available upon request

My grades in Linguistics:
Syntax (with Peter in 2018) 89
Phonetics 83
Semantics (with Lesley in 2017) 84
Issues in Linguistics research (Honours subject) 84


In light of ever increased risks due to the transmission of COVID-19, all tutorials will be conducted online via Skype. To ensure the quality of online tutoring, a class plan will be made before each class, and a powerpoint will be used to make the classes structured and clear.

Tutorials (if contacted 3 days within the deadline for a class, +$5/hr will be applied):
Level 1 – $40/hr
Level 2 – $45/hr
Level 3 – $50/hr

Proofread (grammar, syntax, expressions, content):
1000words- 1hr
2000words- 2hrs

It's very important to be on the same page before the real tutoring begins, because students might favour different styles of teaching and communicating, so -

What we will discuss before the class:
- Whether you wish to class to be assignment-oriented (meaning guiding you through the assignments, not giving you the answers)? Or knowledge-oriented? Or 50/50?
-How often do you want to have a class?
-What is your expectation of yourself? H1 or H2A?
-What is your expectation of the class? Do you want a little bit of help or you want a lot of help?
- If you are not sure, we can arrange a free consultation via Skype to chat. (But I won't be able to meet you in person for free sorry).

What you may want to do before the class:
- share with me your subject guide, lecture slides, and assignment guidelines
- think about the questions you want to ask during the class and write them down in dot points.


- I'm sure it will be easy and enjoyable to work with most of you, so you can probably skip this part.
- For students who have never worked with a private tutor before, you may want to know that, the rate only covers the hours we spend together. I'm happy to answer some short questions and give you some exercises to do between the classes, but I won't be able to read your essays, or share my techniques for free because I do have a lot of other things to do : (

Looking forward to hearing from you : )


English, Chinese, Japanese


Blake is a great tutor! She really helped me better understand how to interpret prompts/tasks to write an on-target essay. She is really approachable, friendly and professional. Blake really has a lot to offer as a tutor, and even my short time with her proved invaluable for my grades. Thanks Blake for all your help :)

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since February, 2017

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