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La trobe ACU Monah Deaking uni

Bachelor of Nursing

Meet in CBD prefer city library in flinders lane, state vic library, RMIT library or if you have a prefer cafe in CBD.

HNN120 - The Discipline of Nursing: Contemporary Issues and Trends 1
HBS109 - Human Structure and Function
NSG2ANA - Acute Illness A
NSG2ANB - Acute Illness B
NSG2HPB - Nursing Patients With Health Priorities B
NSG2HPA - Nursing Patients With Health Priorities A
NSG2NCI - Nursing Chronic Illness
NSG3NCR/NSG3NMP - Nursing: Consolidating Reflective Clinical Practice
NSG3TCN/TCC - Patient In A Time Critical Context
NSG1INA - Intro To Nsg Assess
NSG1NAM - Nsg Assess And Manage
NSG2NMR - Nurs Mid Res
NSG2EHP - Education In Health Professional Practice
NSG2HEL - Healthcare Ethics And Law
NSG3EPN - Engagement In Professional Nursing
HNN112 - Principles of Nursing Care
HBS107 - Understanding Health
HNN108 - Understanding Research Evidence
HNN114 - Health Assessment
HNN122 - Quality And Safety: Nursing Practice 2
HNN217 - Nursing in Community Settings
HNN227 - Nursing Management and Interventions 2
HNN215 - Quality Use of Medicines in Nursing
HNN318 - Nursing Management of the Older Person
HNN319 - Nursing Management of Chronic Illness
HNN320 - The Discipline of Nursing: Contemporary Issues and Trends 2
HNN300 - Child and Adolescent Nursing
HNN325 - Comprehensive Nursing Management and Interventions
HLSC111 - The Person, Health and Wellbeing
HLSC122 - Inquiry in Health Care
HLSC220 - Health Care Ethics
NRSG136 - Introduction to Australian Nursing Practice
NRSG138 - Transition Into Nursing
NRSG258 - Acute Care Nursing 1
NRSG265 - Principles Of Nursing: Medical
NRSG266 - Principles Of Nursing: Contexts Of Ageing
NRSG367 - Transition to Professional Nursing
NRSG372 - Principles Of Nursing: Chronic Illness And Disability
NRSG374 - Principles Of Nursing: A Palliative Approach
NRSG375 - Clinical Leadership
NRSG139 - Integrating Practice 1: Assessment In Health
NUR1110 - Communication And Scholarship In Nursing And Midwifery
NUR1112 - Fundamental Skills And Knowledge For Nursing And Midwifery Practice 1
NUR1114 - Fundamental Skills And Knowledge For Nursing And Midwifery Practice 2
NUR1113 - Law, Ethics And Leadership In Nursing And Midwifery
NUR2223 - Safety In Healthcare Contexts
NUR2226 - Nursing Practice Contexts 1
NUR2227 - Primary Health Care Nursing And Midwifery Contexts
NUR2229 - Nursing Practice Contexts 3
NUR2228 - Nursing Practice Contexts 2
NUR4111 - Translation Of Nursing Knowledge For Primary Healthcare Practice
NUR3310 - Ranslation Of Nursing Knowledge To Complex Acute Care Practice
NUR4113 - Translation Of Nursing Knowledge For Leadership In Practice 1
NUR3312 - Translation Of Nursing Knowledge In Preparation For Professional Nursing Practice




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