Hi, I'm Alexandra! VERY RESPONSIVE

I'm a MU student studying Health.


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I am a third year Exercise Physiology student at Murdoch University and am currently employed as an ITAS tutor by the university to tutor students that require further support (arranged by Murdoch University). If you are looking for some help, feel free to contact myself and we can do as little or as many sessions as you need.

As a tutor, I will explain learning concepts in a variety of ways until you are confident in your understanding. Some students prefer to run through questions they have from recent lectures or labs while others prefer I provide short quizzes as revision for recent topics. I am happy to adapt as a tutor to your needs and what you would like from our sessions.

If you would like a head start before university begins we can cover the basics so that you have a good foundation of understanding to start your studies, and we can continue throughout the teaching period also.