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*****************SORRY*************************** I AM FULLY BOOKED FOR SEMESTER 1 2019***************

Hello :) I can help you with psychology subjects and business (management) subjects!

I have helped previous students with a variety of things including:
* How to write and structure business reports.
* Understanding psychology statistics (all of the students I tutor end up with Ds or HDs for stats!).
* Reading, proofing, and offering feedback on the structure of assignments.
* Writing psychology lab reports.
* Writing essays.
* Studying and preparing for final exams.
* Explaining and applying theories.

For academic honesty and integrity reasons, I cannot provide you with assistance on the content or the "WHAT" to write for your assignments, but I can help you with structure, so the "HOW" to write your assignments. I have previously marked undergrad assignments for psychology, so I can offer advice on reading and understanding the CRA and asking questions from you to ensure you have addressed all of the criteria.

A bit about me...
I am a former dual degree student (Psychology & Business - management major) I was the 2015 Australian Institute of Management Prize winner for business degree (best overall performance for the degree/major), and received a Class 1 Honours for Psychology. I work part-time as a researcher, so I have some experience analysing data (using SPSS), performing literature reviews, writing, editing, and publishing papers (early career researcher).

I am currently doing a PhD on social capital and mental health with the school of business.

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Bec has tutored me for first year Psychology subjects: PYB100, PYB102, PYB110 and supported me in achieving high distinctions for all subjects. Bec has allowed me to achieve results that I never imaged I could do. She is helpful, has a hands on approach to teaching and explains each concept easier to understand. I could not thank Bec enough for all the help and support she has given me. I highly recommend Bec for all Psychology subjects!

Jay, StudentVIP member
since October, 2017


Bec tutored me for Advanced Statistical Analysis PYB350 and supported me in achieving a distinction for the subject. This is unheard of for me to achieve so highly in a stats subject! She was incredibly helpful, has a hands on approach to teaching and was always punctual and consistent. Highly recommend!

Ellen, StudentVIP member
since January, 2015


Bec has been tutoring me for PYB210. I have a particularly difficult time at grasping any mathematical content and wasn't sure Bec could help someone like myself. I couldn't have been more wrong! Bec is incredibly patient, and has helped me to grasp the units content with ease. I have been especially happy with her professionalism, flexibility to meet my unique needs, and teaching style that I have "pre-booked" her for my upcoming stats units. Thank you so much Bec - don't move from Brisbane - I am planning on hiring you all the way to my Masters degree!

Jasmine, StudentVIP member
since January, 2015


Bec tutored me for management. She is great at explaining concepts and helped me with my assignments throughout the unit. I would highly recommend Bec for any business management students.

Phoebe, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Bec tutored me throughout my whole Advanced Statistics semester. This allowed me to not only learn and understand the many difficult concepts, but also achieve a high distinction and minimise my uncertainties. I would highly recommend Bec as your go to for Statistics of any level, as she breaks each step down until you comprehend the basics, as well as, provide you with extra support in the form of quizzes and matching your learning style.

Larissa, StudentVIP member
since June, 2014


She is a awesome tutor and very helpful. I thought I couldn't pass the the subject but after the lessons really put me on the right track with this subject I highly recommend Bec.

CHIEHSHENG, StudentVIP member
since August, 2015