Hi, I'm Nhung (Hannah)! VERY RESPONSIVE

I'm a CSU student studying Business.


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Nhung (Hannah)
I have just finished Master of Professional Accounting at Charles Sturt University, Melbourne. My average marks is 85%. GPA 6.55/7.
I got HD in most subjects.
I can assist students on their assignments and prepare for final exam. I can help students how to do in the final exam to get the high score. I prefer to be a tutor in University.
I used to work at Uni as STEP leader and PASS leader, mentor for Accounting System and Process (ACC566), Accounting Information System (ACC539), Management accounting (ACC512) .So, I know how to help students pass their subjects.
You also can find the PASS sessions of those subject available in University to join, they are very useful. But if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks and good luck with your studies.


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