Hi, I'm Sebastian!

I'm a UQ student studying Science.


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I'm a marine science PhD student, with extensive tutoring experience.
In all the courses listed I obtained a 6 or a 7. I know the teaching style and the expectation for all the assessments of the listed courses (GPEM and School of Biological Sciences). In terms of tutoring, I can help you with reviewing lecture notes, answering Past Exam Questions and New Questions that might be similar to the ones that appear on the exams. I can also help with assessments (structure, content and general advise) and studying methods specially for courses such as ERTH1000, BIOL2204 and GEOS1100.

My hourly rate is $40.


English, Spanish


Good at explaining and was fully prepared.

Diyana, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016


Sebastian was my tutor for BIOL2204 (Zoology). I chose him mainly for the price he was offering but I discovered that the quality of his tutorship was excellent and outstanding.
He is an interested student and also very organized. As a tutor he is really interested in solving your doubts and preparing you for the different assessments and exams in the course you’re taking. It was very helpful for me that he proposed different exams questions that exceeded my expectations which actually helped me to be prepared and improve my performance for taking the exam. I highly recommend him as a tutor for this course.

Allegra, StudentVIP member
since April, 2016