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Hi! I am currently working full-time. I graduated from the MD at Melb uni and a Bachelor of Science majoring in neuroscience (+ pharm). I H1ed all 24 subjects in my BSc degree.

I also tutor for the MMI which is used for many medical school selections. I have personal experience for the DPT and MD interviews at Melbourne Uni.

I've been tutoring MMIs for all unis since I got into medicine. I can also give pointers/recommendations for the GAMSAT and can provide you with recommended resources.

I usually tutor in the Glen Waverley Area however because of covid, lessons are now generally run online.

I will charge a discounted rate for groups of 2, 3+ etc and skype lessons.

I am happy to tutor you in the holiday break so that they can be ahead.
I will cater my lessons according to your needs and I'll be willing to offer help outside of classes.
Please reach out to me earlier than later as it will help me organise other commitments (i.e. full time work) and make rearrangements if required.




I am another student that Johnny was hugely instrumental in getting accross the line in PHRM9002 pharmacology for health professionals. As a nurse practitioner candidate having not studied for some years, I struggled with this subject particularly in the exam format of assessments. Johnny was invaluable in providing me with the study skills and focus to do well in this subject and I truly don't think I would have done so on my own. What sets Johnny apart from others is his responsiveness between tutorial sessions to answer questions via email, to tailor sessions according to the students learning needs and his genuine desire to see students succeed. I wish Johnny very well for his future career as a medical doctor and if he keeps tutoring, I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone of all levels and abilities.

Sally, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019


Johnny pretty much saved my degree!

and to be honest, I think that is still an understatement.
I was on the verge of failing my Neuroscience completely as I have struggled across my studies throughout my time at the University of Melbourne.

I came in contact with Johnny in the last week before my final exam and I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless with the Neuroscience exam that I had to sit.

My only request : "Please help me to pass" and within his busy schedule, he made the time to meet, assessed my knowledge and simply said "Ok, you will not pass with what you know but I will make sure you have ENOUGH to get yourself to stay in"

He was incredibly thorough, prompt, responsive and somehow within the short amount of time he tutored me, he actually made me enjoy & like the last four subjects that I did in Neuroscience.

I can't thank him enough for his efforts (especially tutoring me & others within his crazy University studies).

HIGHLY recommend JOHHNY WU for your Neuroscience & general science studies.

Nadia Ayu.

Nadia, StudentVIP member
since June, 2018


Johnny is a life and WAM saver. I reached out to him for help very late in Semester 1 because I had done poorly in my MSTs (50-60%) and was not grasping the key content well. He was very accommodating and accepted my request for tutoring sessions (2-2.5 hours each) 5 days in a row. Considering how little I knew and how I only had one week to get it together, the fact that I actually managed to get H1 and H2B for 2 of the subjects he tutored me (NEUR30002 and NEUR30003) was a drastic improvement to say the least. During semester break, I started getting weekly tutoring sessions for PHRM30002 so that I would be ahead of lectures and understand them better, and it paid off in the end because I got 90 for that subject and it brought my WAM up to what I needed it to get into my postgrad. Johnny often asks questions throughout the session to make sure I understood the content properly, and haven’t just been nodding along politely/blankly (definitely been called out a few times, but I’m glad he did). In May and July/August I also had MMI tutoring sessions with him, and although he hasn’t personally done interviews at some unis I applied for (ie: Usyd dent), he has done thorough research, tutored numerous students in the past, and offered great mock interview sessions. He doesn’t just give you model answers on a silver platter to memorize, but rather lets you answer questions yourself (no matter how silly or short because you simply have no idea what to say), and then help you shape it into a personalised, improved response. This way you won’t just be reciting a script, but actually get used to constructing good responses relevant to the specific questions asked at the interview. Interviewers can tell when you’re lying/trying to be a saint anyways, so be realistic and honest with your responses! Johnny can be quite frank and straightforward at times, but know that he genuinely wants to help you improve yourself; plus you’d know that he actually means it when he actually praises you haha I promise he is nice! He also responds to text and emails almost instantly (within reason), so you know you can count on him to reply to your cries for help past midnight (give him a heads up for best effect). He is very flexible with location and time, and will often work around your needs as long as he is able to. Thanks to Johnny, I felt confident walking into interviews, MSTs, and exams, and the results are there. Frequent tutoring sessions can become pricey, but I would do it all over again because I know he is a top tutor and knows what he is doing. If you are struggling with your subjects and stumbled upon his profile, don’t be afraid to message him for help – he is definitely worth it :)

Samantha, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Johnny has been an INCREDIBLE tutor to me for all the subjects that he has helped me in (ANAT20006, PHYS20008, PHRM20001, NEUR30002, NEUR30003, PHRM30008, PHRM30003). He has a very deep understanding in every subject and was able to give me detailed explanations of concepts I was struggling with, and he went the extra mile to ensure I understood what was going on and felt confident in my understanding. My grades have improved so much with his help! Johnny is extremely patient, very motivational, has always pushed me to do my best and my grades have improved dramatically with his help!
Highly recommend Johnny as a tutor!!

Irini, StudentVIP member
since August, 2016

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