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I have a dual-degree in LL. M., one in International law and the other in Coursework from the University of Sydney and now tying to pursue PhD. My areas of expertise include International Law (both, Private and Public), Contract, Torts, legal Reasoning, Family Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

Because of my multiple experiences of dealing with students, both, in Australia & USA as well as India, I have a greater understanding of how to explain concepts and how to achieve desired result in assignments/exams.
Through these time periods, I have known the myriads of difficulties that students (especially international students) go through. One of the most important lessons my experience has taught me is to understand the target audience. This reflects in the examples I take while explaining concepts. For example, some might face language barriers while others may find the examples taken by their University professors to be absolutely boring. I keep these, and other, factors in mind while teaching.

Moreover, I’m also an entrepreneur managing the creation and development of a website that specifically helps students with the difficulties they face with their assignments (www.worldoflegalresearch.com). Because of this, I can also provide guidance to students as to how they should approach their rigorous legal assignments.

Finally, if needed, I can also proofread your assignments and help you get through with your submissions. I can teach you how to conduct your research, how to prepare a bibliography, and can also help you with the structure and strength of your arguments. One of the most important aspects of getting through law school is to learn how to articulate your arguments. That is what I will strive to help you with. I can help you sieve through sources and figure out which ones are authoritative and which ones are not. I can also aid in structuring your written piece by helping you understand how to go about the introduction, the main body and the conclusion of your projects. I can also help you understand how to convey your proposals to your target audience, i.e. your professors. The help given by me in terms of citation styles, structure of the entire piece, strength of your arguments, sources referred to, etc. will prove to be invaluable for your grades.




Mitsu is very helpful and a responsible tutor. I would highly recommend her because she is a very kind person, and most importantly, she knows what she is doing. If any student who needs extra help with their study, and definitely recommend Mitsu.

Jeff, StudentVIP member
since May, 2018


Mitsu is such a positive and kind person. She's magic makes a super hard assignment much easy for me. The communication with her was great, and she is always there when you need her. Highly recommend!

Tina, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019

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