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I have recently finished my bachelors of Marine Biology looking to complete a masters of education. I have a good background in tutoring university students in a range of subjects from science, engineering, education, business and a variety of others.

Over the past 4 years I've spent a lot of time editing assignments for students from a range of different subjects including; marking of a final thesis for a mechanical engineering student (he got a final mark of 80/100) and many essays for education, anthropology and science.
My expertise is in constructing essay plans to give you a head start on writing essays and enabelling you to understand what the essay requires as well as marking draft essays prior to submission. I'm also happy to help with exam preparation.

I'm happy to help explain content, share my notes and previous study methods.

As i am currently no longer at university it's easiest for me to do the tutoring online, via email or messages, however if required i am happy to arrange to meet you to explain concepts.




Rachel has helped me with my education units and ANTH106. I find her tutoring really helpful and it allowed me to work at my own pace. I feel like I have improved in my writing abilities as Rachel has tutored me and her instructions she gives you are very easy to understand and really enables you to do well. I would highly recommend Rachel's tutoring 100000%%!!! Thanks Rachel!!!!!!!

Caziza, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016


Rachael help me INSANELY with my assessments for a number of subjects including BIOL114, BIOL121, GEOS112, EDUC106 and EDUC109.

She's helped with essay writing and marking drafts as well as planning study sessions and helping me to learn how to take effective notes in class and convert them to study summaries.

10/10 would recommend her!

Jade, StudentVIP member
since April, 2017


I recently completed EDUC109. Rachel provided tutoring which was invaluable and helped me to achieve a credit! I haven't studied any form of Science in years and so her tutoring helped me to really get a better understanding on the subject. Rachel was able to explain things to me in a way that was so easy to understand while at the same time having the patience to work at my pace. Thanks Rachel you are phenomenal!

Rema, StudentVIP member
since August, 2016