Hi, I'm Tudor!

I'm a USYD student studying Business.


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I have an Economics degree and I am currently completing a Law degree at Usyd. I have gotten HD's and distinctions in every Economics and Business subject I have done at usyd. I would be willing to tutor for $50 an hour for one individual or $60 an hour for a group of any size. I would be keen to meet anywhere on campus. We could go through tute questions, discuss the course content openly, analyse exam technique or whatever learning style you prefer. I still have all my notes, lecture notes, textbooks, tutorial questions and answers from all the subjects I have done and I could easily bring these to our study sessions and photocopy anything you would like to keep. My full name is Tudor Coombes, add me on facebook and send me a message if you are interested.




Tudor is a competent and caring tutor. He is highly skilled in econometrics and knows what it takes to achieve high marks in these subjects. His years of experience means you are in good hands.

Alex, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015


Tudor tutored me in both ECMT1010 and ECMT1020 as well as a bit of stats when it came up. He was absolutely fantastic as a tutor and helped me get a 83 and an 80 in both subjects respectively. Coming from a non-economics background, this was a massive achievement and I could not have done it without his helpful attitude and his willingness to put in lots of effort in order to assist my learning. 10/10 would recommend Tudor for anyone fresh to economics or anyone that wants to boost their marks generally. Thanks!

Jay, StudentVIP member
since March, 2015