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Hi my name is Alisha! I recently completed my Bachelor of Biomedicine degree at the University of Melbourne in 2018. My major is in Human Structure & Function with a minor in Pathology studies.

I am extremely passionate about teaching others and helping students to reach their academic goals. I have 5 years' experience tutoring both high school and university students and have provided academic support for Honours, Masters and PhD students. I understand that not everyone learns at the same pace and adjust my tutoring style to match your needs. I have experience tutoring students with diverse learning challenges such as social anxiety, autism and cerebral palsy.

BIO1APM - 88
BIOM20002 - 80
ANAT30007 - 82
ANAT30008 - 88
CHEM10006 (CHE1GEN + CHE1APL) - 92
INDO10005 - 94
PATH20003 - 94
PATH30001 - 86
PATH30002 - 92
POPH20001 - 91
UNIB10009 - 93

*I have many notes, past examinations and exam style questions available for a number of subjects

*Can review and provide corrections for university assignments, Honours, Masters and PhD theses.

I am committed to helping you achieve the best you can for your academic goals and pursuits :)


English, a bit of Italian, French and Indonesian


Alisha is an amazing tutor! She is so friendly, and her way of teaching is just WOW. I feel comfortable asking her any of my silly questions even, and she really helped me for Molecule to Malady. She constantly checked up on how I was going before and after mid-sems and exams!

Sharan, StudentVIP member
since June, 2016


Alisha helped me immeasurably with Bio1apm and assignments offering detailed suggestions and advice. She was punctual and friendly. Would definitely recommend

Amjad, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Alisha helped me a lot with English. My grade went from a Low C to a high A in nearly a month. She is friendly and makes sure every student achieves their best.

Manu, StudentVIP member
since December, 2016