I'm a USYD student studying Science.


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I'm a year Bachelor of Science (Advanced) Honours student with majors in Chemistry and Mathematics, pursuing Honours in Chemistry. I have a Distinction WAM and have been tutoring for over four years.

I am available to tutor:

• Chemistry 1A
• Chemistry 1B
• Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy Adv
• Chemistry of Biological Molecules (HD)
• Linear Mathematics & Vector Calculus (HD) 95
• Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (HD) 97
• Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
• Organic Structure and Reactivity
• Metal Complexes: Medicinal and Material
• Biomolecules: Properties and Reactions
• Differential Equations and Biomaths
• Financial Mathematics
• Geometry and Waves

I am patient in explaining lecture and course content, and can help with any non-science courses related to maths, including business units (see below).

I can assist you with homework, tutorial work, practical work, and help in preparation for quizzes and exams.

Lessons are usually held at one of the USYD libraries.

Feel free to contact me for my availability.


English, Bengali


Rima assisted me with the mathematics part of QBA when I did the subject in 2016 semester 1. She patiently explained concepts in different ways until I finally understood them. I scored 50/50 in the mathematics part, and 39/50 in the econometrics part, with a final HD score of 89. Thank you, Rima! =D

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since February, 2014