Hi, I'm Ivan!

I'm a USYD student studying Business.


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Started uni
- Ranked 1st & achieved 100% scholarship.
- Your results = My Happiness
- 6.5 YEARS experienced tutor helping over 200+ happy students!
- You can read references / comments from my past students to verify their happiness / great results achieved!

* I achieved High Distinction + 6.5 years of academic tutoring so you can trust me to help you succeed, not just passing the subject but help you gain Distinction grade or above in your exams, assignments, etc.

- 100% scholarship winner for both Bachelor and Masters degrees.

- Employed by University to become an Academic Tutor teaching in uni, with positive students comments in end-of-semester student surveys.

- Rank 1st in almost all subjects listed across all business, finance, accounting, management subjects...

- Achieved Dean’s List Award for Academic Excellence.

- Achieved Australian Government’s Commonwealth Scholarships - the most prestigious scholarship in Australia.

- Positive Rating and reference comments from student reviews and referrals as evidence of my high quality tutoring service.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Master of Commerce degree from top Universities (University of Sydney and University of Melbourne), CPA Australia certificate and CFA certificate.

All of my previous students were satisfied and kept studying with me over the past few years until they graduated -another evidence of how my tutoring helps students succeed.

I am friendly and patient in my teaching approach to make sure your study time with me is not just useful but also enjoyable.

Look forward to helping you soon! You will soon become one of my successful students who have passed and achieved high grades in your study - cheers!

Individual rate - $70/hour but please note: Prices are higher for more difficult / complex subjects. or last minutes requests (for example during busy weeks and or tight deadlines)

Group rate is lower per person.
2 hours booking policy unless approved otherwise.


English, Cantonese, Vietnamese


I wish I had contacted Ivan to tutor me earlier in my degree. I had Ivan tutor me for AFIN312 in my last semester and he definitely didn’t disappoint! His method of breaking down complex theories and equations into easy to understand pieces of information definitely saved me. I highly recommend Ivan for you all.

Ivan, I wouldn’t be graduating this semester without your help. Thank you so much!

Anthony, StudentVIP member
since March, 2012


Although I didn't get to finish my tutorial sessions with Ivan due to work, I was still able to understand almost every of the chapters as he teaches me the basics through practice questions and marks down which questions are likely to appear on exams. His explanations are always so realistic and relatable for students with zero experience in the financial world. Thank you so much Ivan! Highly recommended to everyone who would like to fully understand the subjects!

Chiu Ting, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


I have done a few advanced accounting tutorials with Ivan. He can tailor tutorials based on your specific needs and requests. I have to thank him because he helped me through one of the most difficult times in my study path and made sure I would successfully pass my last exam of the master degree at Usyd. He explains concepts and exercises with clarity and simplicity but also has that extensive knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the subject that allows him to answer to the most disparate questions. Whether you are struggling for a pass or striving for HD, Ivan can be of great help.

Camilla, StudentVIP member
since July, 2016


Ivan is a LIFE-SAVER ! He is a truly amazing tutor !!!

Having studied several accounting and finance subjects with him over the past 3 semesters, my average improved from PASS to DISTINCTION . This just proved how wonderful and excellent he is .

In addition to be knowledgeable about the subject contents, providing lots of tips and tricks for exam and assignments, he is also super kind and caring! Always making me feel positive and happy even though I was sometimes over worried and stressed because of the university workloads !

He knows exactly what my weaknesses are and pointed me the best way to improve !

Overall, he has simply enhanced my results, and actually made me think I now LOVE accounting and finance - I actually changed my majors because of him !!!
So yes I would highly highly recommend him as a tutor!

Chris, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Ivan is really great tutor because he helped lot for passed my subject and gave lot of tips for a preparation of exam. Also, he really takes seriously when had tutoring.
I really like to recommend Ivan to anyone, if you are stuck with assignments and preparation of exams that are related to business subjects.
Thank you Ivan !!!!

Byung, StudentVIP member
since May, 2018


Ivan helped me achieve a distinction in Accounting after I had failed that same course the previous semester! He explains things super simply and makes sure you truly understand what he is saying! Cant recommend enough!

Sacha, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


Ivan is an extremely friendly, patient and knowledgeable tutor! He motivated me to stay positive, and not give up and more importantly, helped me pass my exam.

Ivan is a great mentor and has many useful tips for exam preparation. Highly recommended for students struggling on business related subjects!

Manisha, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Ivan is truly a LIFE SAVER! He is a WONDERFUL TUTOR ! He always come to me with a smile and positive attitude, explaining difficult concepts to me and helping to resolve all study problems in a very efficient and clever ways that I could not have imagined!

It has been an eye-opening experience studying with Ivan - I truly feel I improve a lot every single minute I study with him .

He is patient, knowledgeable, intelligent and on top of that very friendly and always make me feel happy.

I highly recommend Ivan to anyone seeking help in their study - there could be no better learning experience!

Angela, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Ivan is MORE THAN just a tutor. He is a mentor - a lovely person indeed ! I cannot stress enough how GRATEFUL I am to him.

Ivan is very good at tutoring students and he made famously difficult subjects very easy to understand. Also he is extremely friendly and motivated me a lot . I came to him in a desperate stage where I thought I would fail the subject but he motivated me to stay positive, and not giving up and more importantly, helping me to pass all assessments.

I studied with him once a week leading up to the exam and I could guarantee you that I have never regretted because he provided excellent tutoring experiences that no other tutors can match. So I kept studying with him for over 6 subjects and still coming back to him in this final semester before my graduation.

I just could not stress enough how thankful I am to Ivan. He is a tutor - a mentor - a lovely friend in my life - beyond just a normal tutor !

I would highly recommend him to any student looking for a tutor. I have studied with him for over 6 subjects with high scores (i.e. guaranteed results.)

Thanks Ivan!

Nathan, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Yes, having Ivan as my tutor is the BEST DECISION I've made in my life!!! I changed from a below average student to a distinction student over the last 4 semesters, this result proved how wonderful Ivan is in his tutoring!!! He is such a lovely person and he takes his tutoring very seriously to make sure I achieve the best in my exams/assignments. Highly-highly-highly recommend Ivan to anyone who needs help with studying!

Michael, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Ivan is an amazing tutor! Before contacting him I was very lost on how to do the work for my subjects. He is a very nice person and tries to be as flexible as possible with his time to suit your schedule. Highly recommend people contact Ivan if anyone is struggling on business related subjects. He will help you overcome any difficulties you are having.
Thank you so much Ivan! It was a pleasure working with you for two semesters.

Kevin, StudentVIP member
since May, 2017


I wish I contacted Ivan earlier because he is such a "Life-Saver" to me! He is patient, knowledgeable, and very friendly in his tutoring approach - making difficult concepts become simple to understand!

He also has a lot of useful tips/tricks for exam preparation + assignments. I achieved HD in four subjects with him so far while I was just an average student before I met him - HOW AMAZING ?!?! Thanks Ivan!!!

Shiyu, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


I studied with Ivan for 3 semesters and he helped me achieve Distinction grade for all units of study I studied with him!!! Thank you so much IVAN.I am graduating soon but would really like to recommend him to you guys. Good luck! :-)

Josh, StudentVIP member
since August, 2016

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