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I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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Hi, I tutor in GAMSAT Section 3 as well as in First Year Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry. I have a relaxed and engaging teaching style and have a knack for identifying and responding to gaps in students’ learning. I believe that with a little guidance and patience, any student can realise their full potential.

I provide one-on-one and group tutoring. Sessions are usually held at the State Library of Victoria.

My rate is $80/hr for one-to-one tuition but can offer discounted rates for groups. I also offer Skype tutoring for $70/hr.

See below for testimonials ...

"I highly recommend Barry for students looking for in depth tutoring of physics. He was a great help with going through GAMSAT physics as well as the other scientific GAMSAT content. He is prompt with replying, has great resources and is good at breaking down concepts."
– Michelle (GAMSAT Section III)

"Barry increased my physics knowledge by helping me understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind concepts. He cemented my understanding and clarified any confusion at a high and appreciable level, on par with many university lecturers. It was a pleasure to work with Barry, since he was very prompt to communicate and respond via texting utility. Also, his eagerness to teach and schedule a lesson was impressive. Many thanks Barry!"
– Mitali (GAMSAT Section III)

"Thanks Barry for all your help with my GAMSAT studies. You helped to clarify many concepts that didn’t come to me intuitively. Because of that I was able to achieve a score of 75 on section III of the exam."
– Tim (GAMSAT Section III)

"Very passionate about making what seems difficult a lot easier, generous with his time and resources, accountable and sincere. Highly recommend!"
– Rebecca (First Year Physics)

"Barry is a great tutor and really helps me understand the concepts underlying each question as we go through them."
– Prianka (First Year Physics)




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